Callista is a registered service provider of the SME portfolio in the field of advice and training.


In the form of a business analysis, the business processes of your company or organisation are translated into usable solutions. In concrete terms, the strategy, approach and risks are mapped out in preparation for a successful business software implementation. This translation process is accompanied by various analysis conversations with the management of your company, and possibly with the various departments that are impacted by the software. As more knowledge about the specific business processes is built up, an understandable analysis report is created that forms the basis for further implementation of your business software.

After this business analysis, you have the option to start the implementation with Odoo's software. As an Odoo Gold partner, we can convert the detailed business analysis into a ready-made solution for your organization. This is accompanied by an implementation plan that is tailored to your needs, timing and budget. On the other hand, you are free to choose another software implementer or other software package in function of the business analysis that has been drawn up. The analysis report and the associated workflows are developed software independently with the aim of making an understandable transfer of expectations, wishes and requirements known to your software implementer.

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Small companies receive 30% subsidy support from the Flemish Government in Belgium, a medium-sized company 20%. The maximum support per year is 7,500 euros.

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As an Odoo Gold partner, we are focused on the implementation of Odoo as a business software package. This package consists of 65 standard apps that support the business processes of your organization. In addition to the standard apps, you can have custom apps developed that offer additional added value to the standard software.

From Callista we have a team of functional analysts who provide training on the apps that can be used within Odoo. The end users learn the standard functionalities on the one hand and specific options that have been set up for their company or organization on the other.

When the training only concerns the standard apps, several companies can participate in the same training. If your company or organization has had specific custom apps developed, we recommend organizing separate training for each user group / department.

A training always relates to a specific version of Odoo and cannot be used for 1-on-1 support. Each participant starts by following a general demonstration of the different apps that are included in the training. Subsequently, the participant receives exercises to get to understanding of the software. Each course takes one working day of time. At the end of the day, each participant receives a training certificate in function of his or her participation.

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