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Looking for an efficient, integrated system for organizing your production department? Tired of Excel spreadsheets, manual tracking, and human errors? Choose Odoo's integrated solution, optimize your processes, and save valuable time, materials, and resources.

Switch effortlessly between bills of materials and production orders, automatically generated production and work orders, planning and resources, as well as reporting and post-calculation. Your sales, invoicing, purchasing, inventory, and production departments integrated into one platform.

Integrated Solutions for Production

Today, manufacturing companies face numerous challenges. From complex bills of materials and endless version control to demanding quality controls, product tracking, and detailed production planning. Alternatives such as Excel or specialized tools often offer only partial solutions and can lead to errors, delays, and inefficiencies.

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Callista's Expertise, Your Growth 

Callista understands the unique needs of manufacturing companies through our extensive experience in your sector. With Odoo, we offer an all-in-one solution that fully integrates MRP, quality, maintenance, and product lifecycle management (PLM). The benefits of Odoo? User-friendliness, dashboarding at every level, and a system that grows with your business.

We simplify your production processes with features such as barcode scanning, bill of materials management, production and resource planning, and a shop floor module. Maintain control at every stage. From cost analysis to maintenance planning and IoT integrations, we provide the tools to elevate your production to the next level.

Why Odoo?

Speaking of Odoo: we genuinely believe in the power of this fairly priced all-in-one solution for the growth of your business. Used worldwide, open-source ERP and CRM, by both startups and large international companies. Web-based or on-premises, with 85 standard apps and expandable with custom apps to fulfill your digital transformation.

Odoo is a standalone solution, fine-tuned for manufacturing companies by the expertise of Callista. It not only offers an efficient, automated workflow but also a migration-resistant and future-proof investment for the long term.

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Callista Features for Production

  • Customize bill of materials to fit customer needs within a quote.
  • ​Apply pre-calculation from CRM to provide price indications for custom production.
  • ​Initiate processes from a production order instead of a sales order and apply pricing calculations to production information.
  • Apply capacity planning to efficiently allocate resources based on skills and availability concerning confirmed production orders.
  • Integrations with design software such as Solidworks and WinnerDesign to drive production.

More Odoo features

  • Quickly locate available stock components from quotes to facilitate rapid switching and delivery.

  • Implement international sub-productions with material management and monitoring.

  • Tailored inventory management based on planned production orders.

  • Access cost analyses on completed production orders including materials and labor hours.

Does your production process have unique requirements? Or do you need a specific niche feature? We're happy to brainstorm with you and further customize Odoo to fit your needs.

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In a sector where accuracy, organization, and planning are crucial, Odoo is the key to success. Callista's expertise and guidance ensure seamless implementation. Optimize your production with the power of Odoo. Contact us today for a demo and discover the perfect match for your manufacturing company.