Smart management for all your installations, Odoo expertise that takes you further. 

Discover the power of Odoo and Callista for your installation company. The all-in-one solution for efficient project management. Sales, planning, stock, time tracking, invoicing, ... all brought together in one powerful package. Easily schedule, assign, check off, and track all tasks via Odoo! 

​Technicians always have the tools they need to effortlessly perform their work, while customers have the freedom to request customized services and maintenance. Intervention reports, maintenance templates, and detailed tool management, as well as digital tracking of serial numbers, warranties, surcharges, and spare parts, make Odoo (and our Callista expertise) indispensable for any installation company.

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Our Expertise, Your Success

Do you sometimes lose track of your schedule? Do you want to spend less time on manual cost calculations? Does manual tracking drain your energy, and do errors sometimes slip through? 

Move away from manual processes, outdated software, and Excel sheets. Odoo offers a streamlined solution from sales to task management, calculation, invoicing, and resource planning. Repetitive tasks are a thing of the past. Instead, you gain an overview of your schedule, can assign tasks personally, and every technician starts with a clearly defined assignment where materials and information are at hand.

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Implementation at CTC Moyson

Several installation companies have already turned to Callista, giving us a unique experience in this sector. We understand your challenges and can provide future-proof Odoo solutions tailored to your situation. Is the standard Odoo setup sufficient, or do you need our additional features and apps specifically designed for the installation sector? Together, we analyze and decide, always with a focus on seamless integrations, user-friendliness, and your future vision. Listen to the story of CTC Moyson, who switched to Odoo together with Callista. What was Odoo used for in this project? 

  • Management of 1400 machines
  • Automatic scheduling of inspections and maintenance
  • Administrative simplification of repair orders
  • Real-time consumption of spare parts and active stock monitoring
  • Reporting on financial and operational performance
  • Development of a customer portal with real-time connection to the shop floor

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Why Odoo?

Speaking of Odoo: we genuinely believe in the power of this fairly priced all-in-one solution for the growth of your business. It's widely used worldwide, an open-source ERP and CRM system embraced by both startups and large international companies. Whether web-based or on-premises, with 85 standard apps and expandable with custom apps to fulfill your digital transformation.

Odoo is a standalone solution, refined by Callista's expertise specifically tailored to the installation sector. It not only offers an efficient, automated workflow but also a migration-resistant and future-proof investment for the long term.

More Odoo

Features for installation companies

  • Application of configurable inspections, checklists, and quality controls.
  • User-friendly mileage registration possible with direct track & trace integration.
  • Easy tracking and monitoring of (rental and replacement) equipment, spare parts, serial numbers, and associated warranties.
  • Planning of maintenance and repairs with integrated stock reservation and quotations for spare parts or equivalents.
  • Direct integration with spare part suppliers (such as Kramp, Würth, etc.).
  • Handling of surcharges and other taxes (such as Recupel, Bebat, etc.).
  • Integrated label printing for identification of materials and machines.
  • Setting and signing (service) contract terms and conditions.
  • Advanced warehouse processing with returns, spare parts, and repairs.

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More Odoo features

  • Clear quotes based on your template.

  • Clear staff planning based on individual leave and workdays.

  • Automatically link, schedule, and check off tasks.

  • (Mobile) time tracking anytime, anywhere.

  • One workflow for your stock, tools, people, and resources.

  • Clear overview of inventory (per technician vs internal warehouse).

  • Integrated accounting (in compliance with Belgian legislation) and automate intercompany services.

  • E-invoicing via Peppol as will be mandatory for every B2B activity from January 1, 2026.

  • Communication with customer, planner, technician, and admin in one place.

  • Customer-specific price management at category and individual product level.

  • Digitized workflows from sales to handling in a paperless flow.

  • Direct available APIs for integration with external software.

Do your installations have slightly different requirements? Or do you need a specific niche solution? We're happy to brainstorm with you and can further customize Odoo to fit your needs.

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