Attendance badging

Using a physical device, employees can log in and out via RFID badging. Their presence ends up in Odoo in real time.

                        Employees can register attendance by using a badge and a ticking clock. Based on this data, the hours worked per month are automatically calculated, which can serve as a basis for payroll processing to the social secretariat or accountant.

                        Based on the start and end times, the following automations are applied to the hours:
                        • Breaks, such as a lunch break, are not taken
                        • Overtime is calculated based on the employee's work schedule
                        • Start and end times are rounded to the nearest 5 minutes, for example
                        • Absences such as holidays and illnesses are added
                        The HR manager can find all the details, adjust the overview and export it to MS Excel to send to the social secretariat or accountant.

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