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Sofie Van Looveren explains Callista's way of working

Callista implements Odoo software with numerous quality checks ranging from extensive analysis to double verification for custom developments. At every step it is important that it is applied with the necessary attention.


Callista implements Odoo together with Keukens Vasco

Keukens Vasco opted for an all-in-one software package. Starting from the drawing to the installation of the kitchen, all processes are integrated in Odoo. Callista is an Odoo Gold partner and, together with Keukens Vasco, we made this implementation a success.


Combine Odoo Software and Exact Online using an automated connector

Worldwide used SME software for the management of business processes linked to an accounting software package accountants prefer.


Callista implements Odoo together with Zelektro

Zelektro is expert in the sale of electrical equipment for do-it-yourself clients. From webshop and stock management to accounting and sales, a successful implementation was achieved together with Callista as an Odoo partner.


Callista is being interviewed on TV channel Kanaal-Z

At the beginning of 2020, the Belgian TV program "Alle Zaken op Een Rijtje" contacted Callista for a broadcast at TV business channel Kanaal-Z.


Callista implements Odoo at Catholic Education Flanders

Catholic Education Flanders supervises Catholic schools in Flanders and Brussels. In collaboration with Callista, Odoo was expanded with custom-developed software that matches the specific processes of the organization.


Nick talks about how his job started at Callista

Nick started in 2017 as a second employee at Callista. Although he had no experience in the software sector at that time, he now has become an established value within the company. Today, Nick knows Odoo inside out and knows every Odoo end user the right answer to every Odoo user question.


Callista is looking for ambitious colleagues

Callista stands for commitment, communication and customer satisfaction. We work together on challenging projects in an informal and fun team atmosphere.


Odoo attendance badge system using RFID

An RFID badge used for access control, can be used in a tick clock system where attendance is registered in the Odoo ERP system. In addition to checking on and off times, the HR manager can find an overview of all hours.


Odoo Payment Terminal Connector

A direct link between the Odoo POS system and the payment terminal at the box office is a must-have integration for every cashier.


Increasing growth trend of Odoo software

Manager Sofie Van Looveren talks from her experience as a business developer and looks ahead to the future in response to the increasing demand for Odoo software implementations.


Odoo usage tips and tricks, presented by analyst Bjarne Willems

Odoo analyst Bjarne Willems gives 5 user tips that ensure you as a Odoo user to get more out of your Odoo (ERP) system.