Service Solutions

As a service company you deal with a good balance between your human resources and your customer projects.

Managing hard and soft skills, dealing with deadlines and monitoring logged time and materials sound familiar. Using Odoo you have these day-to-day challenges managed in a user-friendly software system.

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As we look at ourselves a a service provider, we believe a successful customer delivery nowadays can only be done using a structured way of working in a software system which is easily to use and to control.

Depending on service configurations, you can define whether your customers agree to pay on time and material basis or on a fixed price project revenue. For every kind of project you can follow up logged hours, planned timings, milestones and other targets. In a project overview, you find a snapshot of the situation in time and control every detail in the flow. This information can be used in a user managed report showing project results to the board of the company or discussing how to improve the workflow.

Using a customer portal, you can share project information to your customer like task statuses, task information and logged hours. Your customer even has the ability to give a reaction on a task or log a support ticket and follow up the details. As soon a something is added to the task or the ticket, the customer will receive an e-mail which leads him to the details in the portal.

Beside the project management regarding customers, service companies are aware of the value of their human resources. To support, improve and follow up human skills, an Odoo app is available to log this information. Together with the appraisals app you can even set goals to achieve more results. All of this data is taken care of the European privacy legislation on personal data like GDPR. 

  • Projectbudgetten en planningen beheren
  • Log hours using the Odoo timesheet on any device
  • Facturatie binnen en buiten project scope
  • Nacalculaties van projecten
  • Send out surveys to calculate Net Promotor Scores
  • Take appraisals with employees and set goals
  • Online klanten portaal ter communicatiekanaal
  • Abonnementen en support management
  • Use digital signatures to sign contract without paper
  • Integratie met sociaal secretariaat zoals Acerta en Securex
  • All-in-one systeem (verkoop, project, personeel, rapportering...)