Manufacturing Solutions

As a manufacturer you need to manage a good stock value based on an expected demand. The purchase of components and a cost-effective handling is crucial to deal with.

Using Odoo you get more insights in your stock, expected fulfillments and efficiency results. With this software integrated in your daily job, you only move forward.

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The bill of material configuration in Odoo contains besides a list of required components also a range of handling actions to fulfil the finished product. The handling actions can be mutual fulfilled or run a specific ordening using different work centers.

To manage costs and efficiency, every work center contains a OEE value which identifies the percentage of productive manufacturing time. As a manufacturer you prevent running-outs as much as possible. Odoo gives you insight in up -and downtime.

Beside the machine work, also people are involved maintaining and qualifying the production result. Using self-made quality reports, every result is kept in the Odoo database to analyse on. There is even the possibility to automate a picture, measure values or check yes/no questions to simplify quality checks.

Next to the operational process, Odoo has a forecasting reports depending on the bill of material of sales products. This way a sales person can immediately evaluate the impact on the customer delivery and adjust its pricing depending on the urgency.

Carrying the make-to-order principle, Odoo uses stock routes which get configured on product basis. For example when a make-to-order product gets sold, automatically a manufacturing request will appear and the delivery in the inventory app will wait for its fulfilment. As soon as the delivery gets done, the sales order is ready to be invoiced. This automated flow prevents manual work and follow up.

  • POP-gesprekken beheren
  • Automate OEE values on work centers
  • Planning in functie van vaardigheid en niveau
  • Tijdsregistratie per productie order
  • Report theoretical and effective manufacturing hours
  • Verlof en andere afwezigheden beheren
  • Voorraden beheren van klanten
  • Use barcode scanning for stock transfers like inbound, outbound, picking components and storing products
  • Integratie met sociaal secretariaat zoals Acerta en Securex
  • All-in-one systeem (verkoop, productie, personeel, rapportering...)