Kitchen and interior

Since interior is related to a customer feeling, a handy drawing package like Winner Design is essential for every interior contractor.

After customers are convinced and the sales quotation is signed, the challenge of delivery starts.

To support an automated workflow, we integrated Winner Design to Odoo whereby Winner is used for the drawing and Odoo for the fulfilment.

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Using a fluent integration between both software packages called Winner Design and Odoo, all product and price information gets automatically imported in the workflow of Odoo. Odoo handles all operational and financial processes followed after the sales, starting from the ordering of materials until the invoice follow up.

Using the make-to-order principle, materials get automatically picked up in a supplier ordering list depending on the customer request. As they get delivered by the supplier, the materials get automatically reserved for installation or for manufacturing finishes.

The workflow is automated whereby every user role or department in the company processing work using dashboards and planned actions. Calling a customer for the installation date is just mentioned in a list based on predefined input, done by a previous action during sales for example.

Workers, installing the interior, start from a worker portal where they can find the planning, the product of delivery, the contact information and so on. They log their hours, check off material and push the task to invoicing.

As important as the fulfilment, after-sales is a customer experience not to forget. In Odoo you have all functionality available to follow up requests, answer directly from within the system, plan an after-sales service and complete the task. Only happy customers will remain.

  • Integratie Winner Design tekenpakket
  • Manage budgets and control margins using price lists
  • Aankoop bestellingen opvolgen
  • Portaal voor de keuken plaatsers
  • Ticketing system for after-sales and customer experience
  • Workflow systeem met acties per rol
  • Verlof en aanwezigheden beheren
  • Use selfmade quality reports to verify material deliveries
  • Barcode scanning op de werkvloer
  • All-in-one systeem (verkoop, project, personeel, rapportering...)