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As product prices fluctuates, it is important to control a minimum margin on projects.

Using Odoo, you find a way to manage sales order calculations, a resource planning and a after-sales budget dashboard.

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Do not loose revenue on lost work orders (on paper), let your workers log hours and material on a digital order. All information is immediately available for the invoicing / project responsible to validate and confirm everything into a sales invoice. For materials your workers can use a warehouse scanners where equipment and project materials get delivered and become ready to invoice.

Next to invoicing, a good follow up and centralisation of sales information is a key to a happy customer. Within Odoo you can log visit notes, add pictures, share contact information and sales agreements among the order project participants. This way no information is left behind or get stuck in a personal mailbox and everyone knows where to find all necessary project information.

To simplify administrative tasks, Odoo foresees usability features like bulk-edit imports to easily update long lists of data or the setup of price lists where sales prices are based on cost price using a configured sales margin. Other examples are available in the inventory app where minimum stock values are checked every hour and supplier order lists get prepared by the system.

Subsequently Callista build a custom app on the VMSW standard as this is often used by building companies in Belgium. Hereby the subcontractor can send an invoice proposal containing a full list of the project containing what was orders, what is delivered and what is being invoiced. In dutch we call this a 'vorderingsstaat'.

  • Projectmap documenten centraliseren
  • Configure sales quotations with sales margins
  • Vorderingsstaten genereren
  • Digitale werkbonnen op de werf
  • Calculate after-delivery results
  • Materialen in -en uitscannen
  • Opvolgen en plannen van werkploegen
  • Control forecasting using bill of materials
  • All-in-one systeem (planning, voorraad, facturatie)
  • Online planning beschikbaar stellen voor personeel