Callista develops

Odoo custom apps

Our software developers focus on reusability and maintainability. In addition, they developed apps that extend the standard functionalities of Odoo. These apps are operational and can easily be deployed in any Odoo system hosted on premise or on

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Odoo - TopAccount Connector

When your accountant is working with TopAccount and your company is using Odoo for invoicing. This connector simplifies the data transactions between both systems.

Depending on a requested period Odoo generates a .txt file which can be imported in the accounting software of TopAccount.

These options are foreseen:

  • Export customers
  • Export suppliers
  • Export sales invoices
  • Export purchase invoices
  • Export refunds

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Odoo - Companyweb Connector

Companyweb is a Belgian platform where you find company information about their credibility, financial status, size and other related business info.

Using a VAT number you can automatic pick up address and credibility information of the company requested. No need to fill in all details since this is filled in by this Companyweb integration.

These options are foreseen:

  • Ophalen van contactgegevens
  • Pick up solvency
  • Pick up ratio's
  • Extra option: automatic alerts

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Odoo Excise Duties

In Odoo standard there is no way to automatic calculate excise duties on alcohol products.

By configuring tariffs on excise duties, Odoo can automatically calculate every amount by bottle, % alcohol and % volume.

This app is operational in Belgium and based on Belgium government rules.

These options are foreseen:

  • Configure your excise duties
  • Report on parameters
  • per % alcohol
  • per fles
  • per volume
  • per liter

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Exact Online

Exact Online is used by many accountants within Belgium and the Netherlands.

Callista build an integration between Odoo and Exact Online to support requests of accountants who like to continue their work in Exact Online while the company is having their business processes digitalised in Odoo.

Callista developed this solution since 6 years ago. Every year we upgrade this integration to the newest version of Odoo. We sell and support the latest three versions of Odoo for all customers who have a subscription on this connector.

This connector provides a seamless integration between the accounting in Exact Online and the operational processing in Odoo, ranging from the exchange of contact details, accounting transactions to financial reconciliations.

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Attendance Badging

Using a RFID badge / keychain, employees can easily register their attendances. We foresee the necessary hardware to save the badge registration.

The registration can be extended with extra features like an automatic pauze extraction of automatic closing times. All data can be found in the Odoo system, using standard reporting views.

  • Keychain badging

  • Option: automatic pauze or closing times
    Option: automatic overtime calculation

  • ...

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Construction budgeting

Companies in Flanders (Belgium) use a specific standard to share construction budgets among partners. Starting from a contractor or an architect, they setup a list of required materials and services with a details description to be fulfilled by their contraction partners, each of them specialised in a different area.

This standard methodology of managing a budget of constructions, is not only used at quotation level but also to follow up the budget during the construction works. Subcontractor can only receive revenue based on the agreements being defined by the contractor or its architect. The construction budget garanties the structure of details and simplifies its follow-up

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Technician Portal

By using a dedicated technician portal, companies reduce administration and have assurance they receive all field service details to complete their invoicing. Using a technician portal you are able to:

  • Give restricted access to your technicians, containing no sales prices or other unnecessary details

  • Enforce technicians to complete all te details by using required fields and other validations

  • Share a planning so technicians can focus on priorities

  • Complete and validate service reports to push them to invoicing in only one click

  • Show foreseen materials to the technician based on the sales quotation

  • ...

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Winner Design connector

Winner Design is design software for kitchens and other interior activities. By visualising a kitchen in a design, customers get a direct picture of the end result.

Winner Design also provides an extensive catalog database with numerous suppliers who offer their range in an integrated manner. In this way, the quotation can be calculated immediately and without too much effort, Winner Design does this for you. the seller is ontwerpsoftware voor keukens en andere schrijnwerkerij activiteiten. Door de keuken visueel en eenvoudig te kunnen samenstellen, krijgen   klanten een direct beeld van het eindresultaat. Tevens voorziet Winner Design een uitgebreide catalogus database met tal van leveranciers die hun gamma  geïntegreerd aanbieden. Op die manier kan de offerte ook direct en zonder te veel moeite berekend worden, Winner Design doet dit namelijk voor de  verkoper.

With Callista we integrated this amazing design software with the Odoo platform. All information is exchanged between both systems so the operational part can continue in Odoo by using the standard apps of Inventory, Purchase, Invoicing and so on.

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Bpost Collection Points

Using Bpost collection points, your delivery costs are reduced and the ecological footprint of parcel suppliers such as Bpost is also reduced.

After your online customer has filled her shopping cart, he/she can complete the purchase through the checkout. During these steps, he/she can choose to have the products delivered or to collect them from a Bpost collection point.

Because a Bpost collection point reduces costs, the customer is encouraged to complete the purchase for this delivery option. He/she sees the various locations that are closest to his/her address. The customer can then select the desired collection point and the shipment in the Odoo system takes this into account

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Outlook Connector

The Microsoft application Outlook is often used within companies to send and receive e-mails as well as booking appointments in an agenda.

To easily link information or appointments to Odoo, Callista developed an Outlook add-in which can be used within the Outlook application.

The integration goes further than only synchronising Outlook data like mails and appointments, the user is able to search for data, push data input by custom fields and confirm Odoo database transactions. This technical milestone opens opportunities of usability for every organisation using Microsoft tools.

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Odoo Cash Discount

Using cash discount, customers pay a smaller percentage of the revenue on sales invoices when they pay directly than the required payment term.

This accounting methodology supports an active cashflow and is often used within Belgian companies.

Only since Odoo 16, this functionality is supported by the standard software. For other versions before, Callista developed this feature as a custom app.

These options are foreseen:

  • Automatic reconcilliation
  • Customised invoice report describing the cash discount agreement
  • Advanced configuration options

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